Tips for Replacing a Bathtub in a Modular Home

Often, one of the earliest things to go out in a modular home is the tub. This is often because of cheap materials utilized in constructing mobile homes. When it comes to changing modular home bathtubs there will be basically two choices, plastic or fiberglass.

Because of limited space in a mobile home, many times, the bathtub often is a smaller size. For this reason it is frequently not practical to substitute the bathtub with an average dimension tub made for a conventional stick built residence. However, lots of new mobile homes are built with bigger master baths to play to the tastes of modern consumers who are looking for large rooms and amenities, and many times these homes may be able to house regular sized bathtubs.

While replacing these bathtubs you probably will find that you must select between plastic and fiberglass. Plastic tubs will often split easier, but they will be by far the more inexpensive alternative. When plastic fails it cannot be fixed permanently. The solitary choice will be to seal it with some sort of epoxy or caulk. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is simpler to refurbish. caulk substitute Many times repairs may be practically undetectable and should hold up for the life of the bathtub. For this reason it is wise to choose a fiberglass bathtub when shopping for a replacement.

There happen to be two processes of installation for mobile home bathtubs. For the first way the tub will possess pre-attached legs to support the bottom. Having supports beneath the bathtub will allow piping to be ran below the bathtub. Yet, one of the foremost drawbacks to tubs with legs is the fact that the bathtub will tend to creak a lot when walked in. Styrofoam is utilized as a substitute method of installing a bathtub. Using styrofoam will make for a much sturdier installation which can also help improve the life of the tub itself. A tub with a styrofoam base is often a much better option if the noise is an issue in the choice. Nevertheless, the downside of the sturdier base means that the pipes can’t be run below the bathtub.

Replacing a tub is always a hassle. It can be an even larger difficulty when dealing with a mobile home tub project. The job can be accomplished by a do-it-yourselfer; however, it might be prudent to use a specialist for an installation of this sort.

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