I Quit! – Ways To Fight Your Smoking Habits

Things can be easier said than done. This is especially so for someone who has plunged himself or herself into smoking and is now trying to find his or her way out of it. The quest to quit smoking is never smooth sailing. He or she cannot quit smoking over night simply by saying ‘I Quit’.

Smoking is addictive, and it is all thanks to the poisonous substance called nicotine that causes one to puff excessively.

The addiction to it can subdue your entire soul, and without putting in any effort, you are going to face difficulties quitting for life.

But on a positive note, quitting smoking is possible.

Let us share with you some effective ways for you to dispose off your smoking habits and get your life back to normal:

1. Pen down your wish to erase smoking from your life’s list of habits. Write down the causes of your intention to quit smoking so that you can always fall back on those causes in times when you still have the urge to smoke. In fact, holding a pen often can keep your fingers away from touching the cigarettes, thus lessening your craving to puff.

2. Reflect and write down where, when and with whom did you kick start the habit. These are the factors that constitute the story of your life as a smoker and therefore should be avoided. allo DISPOSABLE  You should especially avoid people who had influenced you to take up this bad habit, and focus more on those who would encourage you to kick it off.

3. Change your way of life. Plan out on paper by stating the reasons for smoking and how you would like to put your urge for smoking to a stop.

4. Purchase those brands of cigarettes that you are normally not in favor of. Some smokers do have their own personal favorite brands when it comes to smoking, but if you were to buy brands that you are not too familiar with, it might make you be more turned off by smoking, thus gradually reducing your craving for smoking.

5. Inform all your friends and family members about your plans to get rid of your smoking habits so that you can gain more support and encouragement from them, which would definitely serve as an effective booster of your motivation to quit smoking.

6. Dispose all your ashtrays, empty cigarette packs and lighters and that would decrease your urge to smoke.

7. Once you have set the date you want to quit, ensure that you fully erase smoking on that day itself. That is after all the day that you are supposed to get rid of it for good.

8. Give yourself a prize for successfully saying ‘I quit’ to smoking. For instance, you can treat yourself to a hearty meal or go for a holiday using the money you have been saving up, knowing that you need not spend that money on packs of cigarettes anymore.

9. Do not fret if the craving abruptly comes back. It happens when you are in the midst of quitting, but it will go off within a span of a few minutes. As mentioned in the first point, you can always refer back to the reasons for your intention to stop smoking that you have written.

10. If it is too hard on you, consult a professional doctor to gain some valuable advice on how to quit smoking. The doctor would be able to follow-up with you on your progression and your quitting needs.

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