Find Government Job – Interests and Strengths

For many people, doing something they like to do is the most important part of deciding on a career path-even more important than how much money they can earn!

We do not all like to do the same things-and that is good. Uksssc For some people, the ideal vacation is lying on the beach, doing absolutely nothing; others would love to spend weeks visiting museums and historic places. Some people wish they had time to learn to skydive or fly a plane; others like to learn learn to cook gourmet meals or do advanced math.

If we all liked the same things, the world just would not work very well. There would be incredible crowds in some places and ghosts towns in others. Some of our natural resources would be overburdened; others would never be used. We would all want to eat at the same restaurant, wear the same clothes, see the same movie, and live in the same place. How boring!

So let us get down to figuring out what you most like to do and how you can spend your working life doing just that. In some ways your answer to this question is all you really need to know about choosing a career, because the people who enjoy their work the most are those who do something they enjoy. We are not talking rocket science here. Just plain old common sense.

Imagine this: No school, no job, no homework, no chores, no obligations at all. All the time in the world you want to do all things you like most. You know what we are talking about-those things that completely grab your interest and keep you engrossed for hours without your getting bored. Those kind of things you do really well-sometimes effortlessly, sometimes with extraordinary (practiced)skill.

And, by the way, EVERYONE has plenty of both interests and strengths. Some are just more visible than others.

Step 1: Write the three things you most enjoy doing on a sheet of paper, make sure to leave lots of space after each thing.

Step 2: Think about some of the deeper reasons why you enjoy each of these activities-the motivations beyond “it is fun.” Do you enjoy shopping because it gives you a chance to be with your friends? Because it allows you to find new ways to express your individuality? Because you enjoy the challenge of finding bargains or things no one else has discovered? Or because it is fun to imagine the lifestyle you will be able to lead when you are finally rich and famous? In the blank spaces, record the reasons why you enjoy each activity.

Step 3: Keep this list handy in your journal so that you can refer to it any time you have to make a vocational decision. Sure, you may have to update the list from time to time as your interests change. But one thing is certain. The kind of work you will most enjoy will be linked in some way to the activities on that list.Count on it.

Maybe one of your favorite things to do is “play basketball.” Does that mean the only way you will ever be happy at work is to play professional basketball?
Maybe not.

Use your why responses to read between the lines. The whys can prove even more important than the whats. Perhaps what you like most about playing basketball is the challenge or the chance to be part of a team that shares a common goal. Maybe you really like pushing your self to improve. or it could be the rush associated with competition and the thrill of winning.

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